Writing my first StoryBrand

A client asked me to clarify his message and I used the StoryBrand method to work it out. This will help you as well.

Writing my first StoryBrand
Building a StoryBrand, use the 7 elements of great storytelling to grow your business.

Locked myself up in the Swiss mountains to focus on writing a StoryBrand for a client. StoryBrand is such a simple and powerful method. Dry facts come to life with shaping a story. The audience and the message become clear and vivid. I am in the flow and will make sure to share results once done.

That is, when I safely have got off this storm shaken mountain 😉

Writing a StoryBrand to clarify the message
Writing a StoryBrand to clarify the message

StoryBrand method in short

StoryBrand is a marketing methodology developed by Donald Miller that helps businesses clarify their marketing message by focusing on the story of the customer's journey. The method emphasizes the importance of understanding the customer's needs and motivations, and presents the business as the hero who can help the customer solve their problems and achieve their goals.

According to the StoryBrand framework, there are seven elements that make up a compelling story:

  1. A character who is struggling with a problem
  2. A guide who can help the character solve the problem
  3. A plan that the character can follow to solve the problem
  4. A goal that the character wants to achieve
  5. A conflict that is keeping the character from achieving the goal
  6. A transformation that occurs when the character overcomes the conflict
  7. A moral of the story that resonates with the audience

The StoryBrand method encourages businesses to tell a clear, compelling story about how they can help their customers solve their problems and achieve their goals, rather than simply listing the features and benefits of their products or services. It suggests that businesses should focus on building relationships with their customers by understanding their needs and motivations, and presenting themselves as a guide who can help the customer achieve success.

Review of the StoryBrand book

I loved reading the book and I learned a lot from it! It has become part of my day to day toolset, and I reviewed the book very positively.