A Mifi Router for my mountain holidays

Discover the TP-Link M7200 Mifi Router: your ticket to seamless connectivity. Join me as I share my experience.

A Mifi Router for my mountain holidays
With such a view you would not need a lot of data you would think.

As summer approaches, the allure of mountain getaways beckons, promising crisp air, breathtaking vistas, and a respite from the bustle of everyday life.

However, for those like me who crave connectivity even amidst the serene beauty of nature, staying online can be a challenge, especially when venturing off the grid in places like Switzerland, where roaming rules can be as jagged as the Alpine peaks.

Unravelling the Mystery of Mifi

Enter the TP-Link M7200 Mifi Router, a pocket-sized gadget that promises to keep you connected even in the most remote of locales. But before delving into how this little device became my holiday saviour, let's first unravel the mystery of what exactly a Mifi router is.

In essence, a Mifi router, short for "Mobile Wifi," serves as a portable hotspot, harnessing mobile data and distributing it through a Wifi network. It's your own personal gateway to the internet, allowing you to stay connected wherever you roam, whether it's a bustling city or a tranquil mountainside. But you can also use it for laptop or e-reader. Or to offer access to visiting guests.

Unboxing, without a lot of ceremony.
Unboxing, without a lot of ceremony.

Finding the Perfect Solution

My quest for the perfect solution to staying connected during our Swiss sojourn led me to the TP-Link M7200. Previous attempts involved juggling spare iPhones and cumbersome hotspot configurations, but the M7200 offered a sleek and simple alternative.

With its easy setup and compatibility with any SIM card, the M7200 was a breeze to get started with. I simply inserted my SIM card into the device, along with the battery, and voila – instant Wifi network. A nifty adapter ensured compatibility with any SIM format, eliminating the need for fiddly adjustments.

Holding the router in my hand to show the scale.
Holding the router in my hand to show the size.

The Magic of the App

The real magic, however, lay in the accompanying app. With clear instructions provided within the device, I quickly connected to the M7200's Wifi network and downloaded the iPhone app. From there, the app guided me through the detailed setup process, ensuring seamless integration with my mobile data plan.

One particularly handy feature of the M7200 is its ability to send and receive SMS messages, providing a convenient interface for managing data bundles. In Switzerland, where roaming regulations can be a maze to navigate, this feature proved invaluable. Also it can display a QR code to quickly setup other mobile phones, for instance for guests.

Thanks to a budget-friendly data plan offering unlimited usage for a mere fraction of the usual cost, my wife and I could enjoy uninterrupted connectivity throughout our stay.

Screens of the Mifi app
Screens of the Mifi app

Looking Ahead

As I eagerly await the start of our holiday, I'm filled with anticipation at the prospect of staying effortlessly connected amidst Switzerland's stunning scenery. With the TP-Link M7200 Mifi Router by my side, I can embark on our mountain adventures with confidence, knowing that the digital world is never more than a click away.

Stay tuned for an update once our holiday begins – here's to smooth sailing (or should I say, smooth surfing) in the Swiss Alps!

Switzerland isn't part of the EU, which means traditional roaming packages might leave you high and dry (my wife’s provider for instance) when it comes to staying connected. That's where the Vodafone bundle comes in. Vodafone includes Switzerland in its EU package, ensuring seamless connectivity wherever your adventures take you. The one-week unlimited data package is a steal at just €14. Plus, during the summer, enjoy a 50% discount, bringing the price down to a mere €7.