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Online Content: Create engaging digital experiences
A wider view on online content

Main topics

Below you will find some important topics within the domain of online content:

Content strategy

Discover how to develop a strong content strategy that forms the basis for your digital success. Learn how to understand your audience, create valuable content, and tailor it to the needs and interests of your users.

Content creation,management and optimization

Learn how to produce compelling and impactful digital content, such as compelling copy, compelling images and meaningful videos. Discover the secrets behind effective content optimization, including Search Engine optimzation (SEO), conversion optimization (CRO), and usability .


Explore my comprehensive insights on all things "Images," encompassing image optimization, format selection, digital asset management, and the latest image technologies:

Fonts and typefaces

Dive into the world of fonts with my collection on 'Fonts,' where I explore typefaces, the timeless debate of serif vs. sans-serif, the evolution of monospaced fonts from typewriters to the Matrix, and gain valuable typography insights.

Distribution of content

Explore different channels and strategies for effectively distributing your digital content. Discover how you can use social media, email marketing and collaborations with influencers to achieve greater reach and engagement with your target audience.

User Experience and Design

Develop an understanding of the power of excellent user experience (UX) and thoughtful design. Learn how to shape your digital content to provide an intuitive and engaging experience for your users to engage them and keep them coming back to your platform.

Productivity, privacy and security

This blog is for the online professional and so I also write about productivity and security for online workflows. There is focus on devices like Mac, iPhone and Kobo. And software in these ecosystems.

Kobo e-reader

One of my main productivity devices is the Kobo e-reader and so I wrote a number of articles on it:

iPhone photography

All photo's on this blog I capture myself with the iPhone 12 mini. I hope you like them, I wrote a couple of articles on it to deepen my knowledge and sharing it. Handy is of course I now have my own stock of copyrighted photo's:

Words and their origins

A personal interest is explaining words from history. Say the etymology of the vernacular you encounter as an online professional.