Difference between Copywriters and Content Writers

A copywriter is trained in persuasion and a content writer in the journalistic traditions of finding facts. When does this short circuit a creative project?

Difference between Copywriters and Content Writers
Artwork symbolizing differences. 

I wrote an article where I listed and explained four main writing roles for online:

  • Copywriter
  • Content writer
  • UX-writer/Content designer
  • Technical writer.

Reading a post on LinkedIn that deepened my understanding, it was spot on.

In this LinkedIn post, Chief Creative Officer & Founder at RUMBLE, Andy Greenaway, explains very clearly the difference between Copywriters and Content Writers.

The AIDA Model

He argues, in short, that Copywriters are trained in persuasion and work and have been taught classic techniques like AIDA, which stands for:

D : Stimulate DESIRE
A : Ask for ACTION

The AIDA model
The AIDA model


Content writers on the other hand are taught to follow the journalistic 5W's.

1. Who
2. What
3. Where
4. When
5. Why.

Check out his post to see how these difference sometimes mess up the work in creative agencies.

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