Increased productivity with AI in chat services

Explore AI's impact on chat service: increased productivity, accelerated learning curves and opportunities for organisational change

Increased productivity with AI in chat services
Increased productivity and more changes on the horizon.

Generative AI systems, such as ChatGPT, can quickly lead to increased productivity in chat services. Recent studies show that the deployment of such systems has a significant impact on employee performance and organisational efficiency.

In this article, I discuss the key findings and what they mean for businesses.

AI accelerates learning and supports employee performance

Research shows that generative AI systems can improve productivity in certain office functions by as much as 14%.

They can also boost the performance of lower-performing employees. These include AI-assisted chat functions for support staff. These then receive assistance via AI recommendations.

AI also accelerates the learning curve, allowing employees to gain six months of experience in just two months. In positions with relatively high turnover, this is naturally extra beneficial.

In addition, AI deployment ensures that high-performing employees create valuable knowledge that is reinforced through AI systems, benefiting the entire organisation.

Graph showing the results described. Source is Brynjolfson, via
Graph showing the results described. Source is Brynjolfson, via

Adjustments in organisational structure and management

Organisations will need to adjust their performance appraisal, reward structures and human resource management to account for the impact of AI on employee productivity and performance.

Middle managers, traditionally the custodians of implicit knowledge, may need to rethink their roles and responsibilities as AI takes on more knowledge transfer tasks.

Alternative approaches to workforce structure and training may be needed, rather than just focusing on downsizing management layers.

ChatGPT can be used for both automation and augmentation within the context of helpdesk.

Automation means using ChatGPT to run processes without human intervention, such as answering frequently asked questions or providing automated help to customers. This saves time and reduces the workload for human employees.

Augmentation, on the other hand, refers to using ChatGPT to support people and enable them to provide better answers to customer queries. This is done by using ChatGPT to find relevant information and present it to the human employee, improving the quality of customer service and making customers more satisfied.

Uncertainties and opportunities for the future

The overall impact of these changes on productivity and dynamics within the workforce remains uncertain. However, the initial findings offer valuable insights and raise important questions for companies to consider.

By proactively anticipating these developments and implementing AI appropriately, companies can take advantage of the opportunities AI offers for chat services and strengthen their competitive position.

In the coming months, we will soon learn more about the opportunities, possibilities and challenges of AI for (smaller) companies. We will be sure to share those findings here, subscribe to stay informed.

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