Streamline your online meetings with AI note taking

Tactiq streamlines virtual meetings with AI. Identify and highlight key points for easy post-meeting review, boosting productivity.

Streamline your online meetings with AI note taking
Let go of note taking and focus on the conversation with Tactiq.

As digital professionals, online meetings have become an integral part of our work routine. However, it can be challenging to keep up with the fast-paced nature of these meetings and ensure that all the important information is captured accurately.

That's where Tactiq comes in - a tool that provides real-time transcription for online meetings on platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, MS Teams, and Webex. I tested it on a couple of Google Meet meetings and was very impressed.

Tactiq's real-time transcription feature is simply magical! It accurately captures every word spoken during the meeting, including the nuances and inflections of the speaker's voice. I was blown away by the precision and usefulness of the tool when I tested it on a 1:1 conversation. After the meeting, Tactiq provided me, through ChatGPT, with a summary, action items, and an agenda, which saved me a lot of time and effort in creating meeting notes.

Tactiq's real-time transcription is not only efficient but also a time-saver! As a digital professional, time is of the essence, and Tactiq saves me a lot of time in creating meeting notes. The tool's AI-based algorithm accurately identifies key points and highlights them in the summary, making it easy to quickly review the most important information discussed during the meeting.

In my opinion Tactiq is a game-changer for online meetings. Its real-time transcription feature is accurate, versatile, and incredibly useful for improving productivity during online meetings. While it's important to keep privacy and security concerns in mind, Tactiq is definitely worth trying for anyone who wants to streamline their online meetings and focus on the conversation instead of taking notes.

Tactiq speaks its languages

Tactiq's AI-powered transcription technology is capable of accurately transcribing speech in multiple languages. This is particularly useful for organisations that operate in a global context and conduct online meetings in different languages. Tactiq currently supports several languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and Italian.

As a multilingual transcription tool, Tactiq provides users with accurate and reliable transcriptions in their preferred language. This can be particularly useful for non-native speakers who may struggle to follow discussions in a foreign language. Tactiq's transcription accuracy is based on its advanced algorithms and natural language processing capabilities, which analyse and interpret spoken language in real-time.

Based on user feedback, Tactiq's multilingual capabilities have received positive reviews, with many users reporting accurate transcriptions even when conducting meetings in languages other than English. With its support for multiple languages, Tactiq is a valuable tool for global organisations looking to streamline their virtual meetings and improve productivity across different languages and cultures.

I tested Tactiq in Google Meet with the Dutch language.
I tested Tactiq in Google Meet with the Dutch language.


Here is a summary of Tactiq's pricing plans:

  • Free: Offers up to 10 meetings per month, 5 AI credits, time-stamped notes, basic integrations, speaker identification, highlights, in-call chat saving, PDF export, and basic team collaboration.
  • Pro: Costs $8/month and provides unlimited meetings, 10 AI credits per month, screenshots, video add-on, auto-highlights, in-call chat saving, meeting engagement, PDF export, basic team collaboration, and more.
  • Team: Costs $16/month and includes all the features of the Pro plan along with 100 AI credits per month, team folders, centralised billing, collaborative workspace, membership admin, advanced collaboration, bulk export, and team engagement.

I tested Tactiq with the free plan.


  • Tactiq is a real-time transcription tool for virtual meetings on popular platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, MS Teams, and Webex.
  • Tactiq accurately captures every spoken word, including nuances and inflections, saving time and effort in creating meeting notes.
  • Tactiq's AI-based algorithm identifies key points and highlights them in the summary for easy review.
  • Tactiq supports multiple languages, providing accurate transcriptions for non-native speakers and global organisations.
  • Tactiq offers different pricing plans to suit different needs and budgets