Stay safe online with VPN

VPN is vital for your digital resilience. A tunnel to free information. Find the basics in this article.

Stay safe online with VPN
VPN Tunnel offers safety, privacy and an entry to local content

VPN is one of the best ways to secure your internet traffic and protect your privacy. It also gives you access to lots of protected information. Let me explain.

Personal VPN for security and privacy

Personal VPNs enhance internet security and privacy by creating an encrypted tunnel to a server, masking your identity. This is especially useful on untrusted networks, like public Wi-Fi, safeguarding against potential breach. Using Personal VPN to secure your connection and have more privacy.

With a VPN connection like this, you make an encrypted connection (a tunnel) to a server, and then you continue on the web from there. No one can then see that it is you because the traffic then appears to come from that VPN server.

This form is very practical if you are using a connection that you do not trust. For example, a free and open connection somewhere on the road. Then it is a very smart thing to use this VPN connection.

Another important use of the VPN is if the government (or your employer) decides to shut down certain things. Something like this happened again recently in Russia. There they shut down Twitter and so you had to use a VPN connection.

List of foreign connections optimized for streaming
Personal VPN on iPhone. I am using CyberGhost. 

VPN connection for more access

Another aspect of VPN, which is interesting for many people, is to use a Personal VPN to consume content which is actually limited to a certain geographical area. You then create a tunnel to a server in that protected area. That's how you get around the restriction and it is called geolocation spoofing. I myself also have such a service (CyberGhost) that I use for more security and sometimes to access the web from another country, mostly to watch geofenced German TV.

That's also handy if you want to check Google for another area, for example, or stream content on Netflix in the US.

List of foreign connections optimized for streaming
List of foreign connections optimized for streaming

Stay safe

So there are basically two different sorts of VPN's and different goals for use. One to safely work with a local, non-internet network and a personal one to protect your data, be more secure and to be more independent of geographic location.

I hope you learned that VPN will mean something different to a business owner or IT manager, to someone working with sensitive data like a journalist, and to the consumer who wants more or cheaper access to content.

VPN Services review

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Google One VPN
The VPN feature included in the Google One subscription primarily serves to enhance online security, especially useful when connecting to the internet via public Wi-Fi networks.

However, it's important to note that this service does not support geolocation spoofing. This distinction makes the Google One VPN particularly suited for users primarily concerned with safeguarding their data on unsecured networks, rather than those looking to bypass geographic restrictions on content.