From blog to book, publishing in the digital age

Learn from Tim Urban's 'What's our problem' how to turn your blog into a digital book and audiobook. Inspiring insights for aspiring authors.

From blog to book, publishing in the digital age
An elegant way to go from blog to book and publish it yourself

Tim Urban, author of the popular blog Wait But Why, has released a new book, "What's our problem". What makes this book unique is not only its content, but also the way it is presented. Urban has chosen to release the book in a purely digital format and also offers a digital audiobook. A nice touch is that Urban herself narrates the audiobook.

Landing page

On the book's landing page, found on Wait But Why, potential readers can purchase the book through various online platforms such as Apple, Google, Kobo, Kindle and Spotify. Besides these online platforms, the book can also be bought and downloaded directly as Epub or MP3.

One of the most striking aspects of the landing page is the preview available for different devices and screen sizes. This allows potential readers to already get an idea of how the book looks on their device. Also charming is the thumbnail overview of the entire book on the landing page, giving readers an idea of the book's structure and content.

Publish ebooks yourself

Urban himself seems to be the publisher of all this, showing that it is possible to publish a book as an individual without the intervention of a traditional publisher. This makes the book an interesting example for people who also want to self-publish a book. It proves that you can use digital technologies to create a unique reading experience and create your own professional and informative landing page to promote and sell your book.

All in all, "What's our problem" by Tim Urban is not only worthwhile in terms of content, but also exciting from a digital publishing perspective. The book shows that it is possible to publish a book as an individual using digital technologies to provide a unique reading experience.

Check out the landing page:

What’s Our Problem? A Self-Help Book For Societies
Available today

I myself chose to order through Apple Books. I did the ordering through the computer and that was literally two clicks. Now I can read the book on the computer, tablet and/or phone.

Ordering the book through Apple Books
Ordering the book through Apple Books