Get found in Google Discover

Google Discover is a news service provided by Google. In Android and the Google App. As a blogger, how to optimize for Google Discover.

Get found in Google Discover
Find out about being found in Google Discover.

In the Google Search Console reports, I suddenly saw visits from Discover, and I had no idea what that was. So, I explored, Google Discover.

Google Search Console

Suddenly, I noticed an additional section in the navigation of Google Search Console: DISCOVER. The console is Google's search engine optimization (SEO) dashboard and an important indicator of how much traffic my blog receives.

I was naturally curious and saw a report about traffic on Google Discover. It turned out to be about a page on my website about Pixels per Inch (PPI), a unit of measurement for the resolution of digital screens. I was able to click through on the report and saw that the page is only shown in India.

On the left the new navigation item, on the right the traffic report in Google Search Console.
On the left the new navigation item, on the right the traffic report in Google Search Console.

But then what is Google Discover?

Google Discover explained

The Google Discover feature, for me as an iPhone user, shows up only within Google's iOS app. Within Android, the mobile operating system, it has a more prominent role.

Google Discover is a stream of news that can be seen in the app. There are numerous streams available based on meta information about the content, and a Google user is shown information based on profile and behaviour. You can also self-report on the quality of information in the stream.

On the left the new navigation item, on the right the traffic report in Google Search Console.
Screenshot of Google Discover in an iOS Google app.

How to get into Google Discover?

So now there is a page of mine in Google Discover in India. I requested some tips on how to display the page even better to get a higher Click-Through Rate (CTR) but I actually have no idea how the article became part of Discover. The selection must almost be editorial work from Google for sure, I would think, but my blog has never been logged in as a news source as far as I know.

I also read that the effect would be very temporary because it is news. But the article is older again and has been appearing in Discover for days.

So still many questions, but this gives you an idea what it is for the reader and how you can see it as a publicist.

Update September 2023:

Discover isn't editorial in the traditional sense. It's a feature that shows users personalized content based on their interests and preferences. While Google's automated systems curate the content that appears in Discover, it's not a manually curated editorial process.

The content shown is based on signals and algorithms that aim to match the user's interests and provide them with relevant and engaging information. So, it's more about personalization and algorithmic selection rather than traditional editorial decision-making.

To increase the likelihood of your content appearing in Discover, here are some tips:

  1. Use descriptive page titles that capture your content's essence.
  2. Include high-quality, compelling images in your content.
  3. Avoid using misleading or exaggerated details in preview content.
  4. Provide timely, engaging, and people-focused content.
  5. Ensure your content is suitable for interest-based feeds and avoid shock or unexpected content.

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